Signs of AD. Attention Deficit

Signs of AD. Attention Deficit

It can be said that children have specific learning difficulties when they have problems developing skills such as reading, writing or doing calculations with the mind. It is normal for children to have these types of difficulties when they are young, but if these problems persist, it could be a learning problem. These difficulties have a neurobiological basis that affects the cognitive processes involved in language, reading, writing and arithmetic (attention, memory, perception). With important implications for academic development.



The most important thing is to intervene in time so that these problems do not affect the child’s emotional development. Classifying and conceptualizing learning difficulties and their causes is not an easy task. So I will describe the most common in primary school and what we should do if we suspect that AD may be hiding behind our children’s problems at school

  1. Attention
    Children present difficulties and attentional problems with or without hyperactivity will present learning difficulties. That can affect reading, writing, calculating and problem solving.

  2. Mathematics and calculation.
    Children have difficulties in understanding and handling numbers. In basic math facts like addition and subtraction.

  3. Reading and writing.
    Here I am referring to dysgraphia, dysorthography, dyslexia and difficulty in reading comprehension. They are characteristic features of this disorder.


It is essential that if we suspect that our child has learning difficulties, we go to a health professional for prompt and accurate guidance. Children with AD need special and appropriate learning strategies. These difficulties are diagnosed from 6-7 years of age. Although they can also develop earlier.


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