Signs of sexual abuse in children

Signs of sexual abuse in children

In the last post, we talked about how parents can train our little ones to be aware of sexual abuse. Right there, we mention that knowing the methods does not mean that we can completely prevent this from happening. Regrettably. If this happens to any of your children, God forbid this never happens, here I tell you how we parents can identify the signs that it has happened.

There are many signs that a child can give when he is a victim of sexual abuse, and it also depends on age. In younger children, the attitude is usually withdrawn or, on the contrary, they look for any fault to stand out in front of their parents. Like a bad attitude. In babies, unexplained blood or bruising is often a sign that something is not right. And as a parent, it is something that needs to be investigated thoroughly. I hate bringing you sensitive topics that can cause you fear, but as a woman, I suffered abuse in childhood, and I never had the confidence to say it. I didn’t even know how to broach the subject. As a mother, my biggest fear is that something like this will happen to my little ones. That is why I believe that it is a subject that every father and mother should be aware of and be alert to.

In young and older children, bruises are again a sign. If your son or daughter suddenly takes an attitude towards someone or a place that they didn’t have before, it may be a sign that something is not right. Another behavior could be that of a child who normally went to the bathroom and now suddenly wet the bed again. They have nightmares, or they suck their thumb, these may be signs of some kind of abuse.

In adolescents, if they are easily frightened, or if they feel any physical pain, or have difficulty walking, it may be a sign of something wrong. The most important thing is that we, as parents, give our children that confidence that they can talk to us about anything.

If you suspect that something like this may have happened, please go to the right place. Either with a psychologist, if your child does not want to talk to you, or the corresponding authorities if you are sure that something has happened.


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