Sudden infant death syndrome

Sudden infant death syndrome

What it is and how to preventit?

Sudden infant death syndrome is the death of a baby without an apparent cause, this usually occurs during the sleep of the apparently healthy baby, less than one year old. It is also known as “crib death” because babies generally die in their cribs. Until today, the reason why this happens is unknown, it could be associated with some abnormality in the baby’s brain that controls breathing.
Research on the subject has discovered some factors that could put babies at higher risk. Measures that can be taken to protect the baby from this “condition” were also identified. The combination of physical and sleep environmental factors can make a baby more likely to have sudden infant death syndrome. These factors vary from child to child.

Physicalfactors related to sudden infant death syndrome include the following:

● A brain defect. Some babies are born with problems that make them more likely to die from this syndrome, in many of these babies, the section of the brain that controls breathing and awakening has not developed enough to function properly.

● Low birth weight Preterm birth increases the chances that a baby’s brain has not fully developed, so they have less control over automatic processes, such as heart rate or breathing.

● Respiratory problems. Many babies who have died from this syndrome recently had a cold, which could contribute to breathing problems.

Other types of factors that cause this syndrome

The objects found in the baby’s crib and their sleeping position can mix with their physical problems and increase the risk of suffering from this syndrome.

What can cause “cradle death”?

1- Sleeping on your stomach or on your side, babies who sleep in these positions may have more difficulty breathing than those babies who sleep on their back.

2- Sleeping on a very soft bed, lying face down on a soft blanket or mattress can block a baby’s airway.

3- Sleep in the same bed as the baby. Although the risk of sudden death syndrome is reduced when the baby sleeps in the same room as the parents, the risk is increased if the baby sleeps in the same bed with his parents, siblings, or pets.

4- Excessive heat. Being overheated while sleeping can also increase the baby’s risk of sudden death.

During pregnancy, the risk of the baby suffering from this condition also depends on the breast, especially if: You are under 20 years of age, are a smoker or have been, drink alcohol and receive poor prenatal care.

How can the risk of sudden infant death syndrome be prevented?

There is no guaranteed way to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, but you can help your baby sleep safely by following these steps …

● Put the baby on his back, in a flat place and without objects around him that could suffocate him. In addition to making sure you sleep, you will not know if someone else will place your baby in the correct position.

● Do not allow your baby to have excessive heat, this way you can avoid suffocation and try not to cover the baby’s head.

● It is recommended that the baby sleep in the same room as you during the first year of life.

● Breastfeeding the baby for at least the first 6 months of life reduces the risk of infant death syndrome.

● Vaccines are important, some evidence indicates that vaccines can help prevent infant death syndrome.

● If your baby is not interested in using a pacifier, don’t force him to use it. If the baby uses a pacifier, choose to use pacifiers that have some kind of security.

Do everything possible to safeguard your baby’s life and the happiness of
your entire family.


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