Symptoms according to the stages of my pregnancy

Symptoms according to the stages of my pregnancy

The pregnancy period lasts approximately 40 weeks, counting from the last date of menstruation. Basically, there are 3 stages of pregnancy called trimesters, in which many changes occur in the woman’s body and of course, in the development of the baby.

In these first weeks of pregnancy, the mother undergoes very important hormonal changes that can cause different symptoms,
which can be:

1- Feeling of fatigue
2- Nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning
3- Tenderness and swelling in the breasts
4- Mood swings
5- Heartburn
6- Constipation
7- Craving and disgust for certain foods

Of course each person is different and just as many women can suffer from these symptoms, there are others who do not have any. At the same time, the baby develops rapidly, his heart begins to beat, his head, arms and legs begin to grow, at the end of this first trimester, you can already know the sex of the baby.

Second trimester
Within the 3 stages of pregnancy, this would undoubtedly be the most bearable, because in general in this second trimester, fewer symptoms or discomfort are felt. The nausea may disappear, the body gets used to the hormonal change, and the breast’s belly begins to grow noticeably.The baby continues to develop, at this stage the baby’s organs are formed, it is here when the mother can feel the movements of her baby, since he is already capable of scratching, hearing and swallowing.

Third trimester
In the last stage of pregnancy, the baby grows rapidly, accumulates fatty tissue and the uterus begins to put pressure on the bladder and stomach. Therefore, the mother should eat smaller portions and it is very likely that she will feel a great need to go to the bathroom. Because of the weight gained, the mother may feel pain in the lower back, groin, or pubic bone. This baby is already kicking hard! even if you don’t have much room to move anymore. The lungs complete their development and from week 37, the baby is ready to leave.

At all stages of pregnancy, a check-up should be carried out with the specialist doctor. This will reduce the risk of certain problems that may appear during pregnancy. If you feel any symptoms that are not consistent with pregnancy, see your doctor immediately. Outside of that, enjoy this beautiful stage and look forward to your little piece of heaven.



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