Take good care of what you say in front of your children.

Phrases that you should NEVER say in front of them.

The body and verbal language that we transmit is important, especially with young children. They are still in full development and the messages they receive affect them much more than we think. It is true that there are many phrases that we say without thinking or that we think are not evil, without analyzing the meaning they have or the message they convey. Among these are those that should not be said when a child cries or is upset.

On the other hand, there are more “macho” or sexist phrases than we can know. Fortunately, education has been changing over time. And although it has largely evolved, there are still things that need to be improved. For example games.

“Dolls are for girls and strollers for boys”. This is a sexist message.

Toys are for all children and are for play.
Sports are also for all children and anyone can play them. As well as telling children that crying is for girls, or that if a girl is not feminine or delicate then she thinks she is a man, not to say it in a more ugly way. So parents, I bring you a series of phrases that children should not be taught for the world. You are only closing their minds, and their hearts. Showing this type of behavior to your children will make them less empathetic for others and that leads to not being kind. Yes, this is when prejudices are created. So be careful.

  1. “That’s for boys”

Whether playing soccer, behaving in a certain way, or having preferences for certain sports or activities. NOT.

  1. “Those things are for girls, don’t be a fag”

Phrases like these do a lot of damage. They forbid children to express themselves as they are and do what they want. Those things that they enjoy. In addition, there are no activities that are exclusively for girls or boys.

  1. “Be more feminine. You look like a man”

I confess that this is one of the phrases that I detest the most. In me they used to use it a lot, because it happens that I am not very feminine with my clothes. And it is not because I am not a woman, but rather that I prefer comfort to beauty. After all, beauty comes from the heart. Associating the delicacy or the soft and sweet character with the fact of necessarily being a girl or a woman is a stereotype that is also very sexist. A boy can be delicate and a girl may not be. It depends on the character and the way of being.

  1. “Long hair is for girls, not short hair”

Besides being a rather absurd idea, since there is no hair for girls or boys, it has nothing to do with gender, but with tastes.

  1. “Cry baby, you look like a girl”

This phrase can do much more damage than it seems. First of all, crying and expressing emotions is not bad. Expressing yourself has nothing to do with gender. Influencing the idea that children should not express their feelings is very harmful and affects later emotional development.

Parents, we must understand that we are the greatest influence on our children. Creating prejudices from a young age could result in disaster in the not too distant future. A good citizen, empathetic, kind, educated, with values, is achieved from home. Let’s improve the world by educating our children well.


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