Talkative kids

Talkative kids

How do I help my child learn to speak easily?

The moment of learning to speak is one of the great achievements that a child can have, this is achieved between the first and second year of life. To stimulate this process in the child, parents can collaborate by helping to explain things slowly and very clearly. Obviously you must use a simple language that the child can understand, they do not want to teach him about quantum physics as an example. It’s a joke.

If from the beginning of the child’s speech, a simple and appropriate vocabulary is provided, the child will learn to speak correctly. Parents can stimulate this stage of their child by speaking clearly. It is important to use the correct pronunciation of each word, for example, not to name the objects in diminutive and to use simple phrases that the child can easily learn. When you ask your child to do something, try to mention the names of the objects, for example: “Son, can you put this shirt in the laundry basket, please?” Thus the child will learn to locate objects by name and it will remain in his memory. Next time, you will hear your child say “shirt.” The more you repeat the word to him, the faster he will learn and pronounce it better.When your child has mastered a word, praise him. This is a great achievement for him and if you encourage him, he will be motivated to keep learning to get the same reaction you did.

Reading is important.

Experts recommend that reading should start from your child’s 6 months, using age-appropriate books. Start conversations with your child about simple topics, ask him things that he should answer. Parents must show confidence in front of their children and make them see that their opinion matters to you too.

I assure you that this is one of the main causes that children, in adulthood, are independent and self-confident people. Be sure to show love, understanding, and patience. Remember this is a nnew process for your child and he is just learning. A mistake that many parents make unconsciously is that, when the child says a mispronounced word and with a greasy intonation, the parents laugh or make fun of the children. Wrong! This should embarrass parents. The only thing that you will provoke is that the child grows up with resentment, fear and insecurity.

Children are sponges that absorb everything around them. It depends on the parents that the children be good people, good citizens, compassionate, empathetic and humble. Teaching him violent words or teaching him what to respond to a tease with aggression will only create a very bad person out of your child in the future.

This stage of learning is something very valuable and beautiful for many parents. Stimulating the child with songs, dances, stories and stories will make him not stop talking


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