Teach your child to read at the correct time

Teach your child to read at the correct time

How to know when to read books to my baby?

Well, experts recommend starting this process at 6 months of the baby, but like every parent who wants to give the best to their child, they start reading from the moment they are in their mother’s belly. One of the ways to stimulate this habit in children is by offering them books from a young age, and that is what father or mother has not ever read a story to their children before going to bed? Have you noticed that at some point in the lives of our little ones, they have described stories to us just by looking at images? This is because the imagination of children is huge and without limits, in addition to their way of learning.

It is very important to know that children at this young age learn
much faster than an adult since their mind is “clear”.

At the beginning of this learning stage, books are usually another toy for them, they manipulate them, fan them and even… they drool. Each month the baby has different learning characteristics, that is why parents are informed about which book is suitable for what age.

We will do that job for you…. 

From 6 to 12 months

Specialists recommend that children start the habit of reading at 6 months of age. You could start with 15 minutes a day of reading with your child, it is not necessary that you sit in a specific place and read! No … this should be a moment of relaxation, there are parents who choose bath time to read something with their children, it could also be at mealtime. It is important to show astonished gestures when telling a story and to try to make the child understand and enjoy it. Use as base books that are of few words and of many drawings that are in bright colors, such as those made of fabric with plastic reliefs. Don’t be frustrated if at first your baby seems disinterested in listening to you and more interested in eating the book, it is normal, as soon as he is discovering what is around him.

12-24 Months

At this age, parents should spend a little more time reading with their child. Use different tones of voice that intrigue and excite him more so that he wants to know what else is happening in the story, preferably choose the time before bedtime so that your child is more calm and attentive. This time your child can interact with the story, for example, parents can ask questions about the story or the pictures. In the first year, use books that contain striking images but that also your child can do something in, such as drawing or coloring something, here you can add books that have animal sounds.

2 to 3 years

Take advantage of your child’s interest at this age! here children tend to be very curious, they want to learn everything and know the “why” of everything. Books at this age can be of their favorite interests, interactive alike, and include cutouts.

From 3 to 5 years

Now if your child is much more interested in reading and make sure you do not forget the time to read stories. Here it is important that the child sees the parents read separately so that he begins to want to do it himself. At this stage, you can offer books that contain the words and fewer pictures, so that the imagination will be stimulated and you can create your own images in your mind.

If your child is interested in a particular topic, be it dinosaurs or sea animals, you can accompany him to places where there is an exhibition of real dinosaur bones or to an aquarium. The important thing is that your child enjoys and appreciates what you do for him



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