What Mozart can do with our babies, myth or reality

What Mozart can do with our babies, myth or reality?

Mozart makes babies smarter

All moms, whether new or not, want the best for our babies. Even since they are in our belly, that is why we give ourselves to the task of researching, reading books, etc. And it is that, a baby changes the life of every woman.

You’ve probably heard what scientists say that Mozart makes babies smarter. Well, here we set ourselves the task of investigating whether it is a reality or a myth and thus give the best to our babies.


Now, do you realize why it is necessary to drink water? We are practically made of water. But let’s dig a little deeper.

According to the Neuralgic Learning and Memory Center of the University of California, listening to the music of Mozart one gets to have certain temporary improvements in some capacities, especially with regard to reasoning.

Mozart’s relationship with babies emerged in 1993 as a result of scientific research led by psychologist Frances Rauscher at the University of California Irvine.

In this study, several students were invited to listen to Mozart’s classical music for 15 minutes, before taking reasoning tests. The results were found to be better than usual and the students had been able to relax before taking the exam.

Many media reported that listening to classical Mozart music has many benefits for mental and physical health. They even went so far as to claim that classical music in babies, more specifically by this composer, made them improve their IQ. These claims took Rauscher by surprise, as his study was done with college students, not babies.

Making babies listen to classical music from the mother’s womb will always be very positive for their later development. Music generally allows the child to relax, which is why midwives advise pregnant women to put classical music for babies on their womb through headphones. This can be when the mother is calmer since everything is transmitted to the baby.

The perception of classical music will make the baby relax and feel calm and secure, even when it is his time to stretch.

After birth, it is recommended by pediatric experts to continue playing music to the baby at bedtime, this will make the baby sleep better, it will also help him to rest well at night. Your baby will be calmer during the day, a relaxed baby is a happy baby. And a happy baby is a mom in love.


A tip from pediatricians

If you want your baby to be a happier, smarter baby and feel safe: Talk to him, walk with him, sing to him, hug him, read a book and caress him, all these gestures allow a child to be a lot smartest. Love is the key to everything.


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