The bottles influence the gas and colic of the baby

The bottles influence the gas and colic of the baby

The importance of the bottle for your baby is big, and this is because certain bottles can prevent reflux and colic in the baby. Babies are obviously born without knowing how to do many things and are born immature, one of the things that has very little maturity in babies is the digestive system.

When the baby is born he has to learn to adapt quickly, and he does!

For example, babies are born with the suck reflex, and you can tell when the newborn quickly reaches for the mother’s breast. It’s very important that the mother gives breast milk to the newborn because this prepares the baby’s stomach to ingest and tolerate the only food it will taste during its first months of life.

In addition to being the most complete food for the baby, the immaturity of the digestive system makes it also the most recommended because it’s the only thing that the baby will tolerate because his esophagus is immature like other digestive organs. Many times this is because the baby has a lot of reflux, colic and regurgitation, in addition to gas. The baby’s gas is due to the fact that when he is eating, he may be swallowing a lot of air when sucking, either breast milk or formula.

There are varieties of bottles that have this technology so that the baby is not swallowing air when he is eating. This causes gas and colic in the baby that translates into crying, agitation and irritability. It is normal for a baby to cry when he is communicating because it is the only way they know how to do it, in general, babies seek the comfort of their parents when this happens, but not when it comes to colic as it causes them pain.


How to remedy this?

Although you cannot stop the problem from the root 100%, you can avoid the problems that cause a “bad grip” of the bottle to a large extent. Dr. Brown’s anti-colic bottles are the only ones to this day that are clinically proven to reduce colic. It has a ventilation system that eliminates the vacuum and the formation of air inside the bottle.

Try this and you will see the drastic change in your baby’s mood, he will have better digestion and a better quality of sleep and that is a plus for you. There will probably be more varieties in bottles, but Dr Brown’s as I said above, are clinically proven and a favorite with pediatricians.




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