The Terrible Lice

The Terrible Lice

I think for all parents, lice are a living nightmare. And is that when children start going to school, lice become a threat. Therefore it is essential to be well informed to learn how to detect them. Moms are mainly the ones that must deal with these little invaders and it is a challenge that we must face every year. The best way to fight these parasites and win the war is to be well informed. And fortunately here we tell you what these animals are, how they reproduce and how they can be detected before our children’s heads become populated. 


Lice are divided into three types, which are:

● Pediculus humanus capitis (head)

● Pediculus humanus corporis (body)

● Phthirus pubis (pubis)

Head lice only lodge in this part of the body, choose the hair as its home and outside of it they do not survive two days. Having lice does not mean that the person is unhygienic, they do not put health at risk, but they are ultra contagious and they are very itchy.

They feed on the blood they suck through the scalp where they deposit a liquid that causes itching. Their size is 2 and 3 mm, they are grayish in color, they do not fly or jump, they only crawl. Lice reproduce and leave eggs (nits) near the root of the hair, when the nit is already far from the root means that the new lice have already hatched. Nits produce a type of glue that sticks to the hair and is difficult to remove with a simple brushing, it is necessary to thoroughly remove all these annoying parasites. A female can have up to 300 eggs in a period of 3 weeks, and these turn into lice in 9 days. in the area of the neck or behind the ears is where the nits tend to accumulate the most, unlike dandruff, the nits do not move from place so you can not confuse it. There are different ways to combat these studious parasites, although if your child is still very young, certain treatments may not be indicated for him or her.

One method my mom used to use is apple cider vinegar. She let the hair with apple cider vinegar and let it sit overnight, the next day the lice were already dead along with the nits, but it was still necessary to remove them manually.

Eucalyptus water with lemon is also effective for this problem, essential oil of rosemary and staphysagria. All these remedies are effective to eliminate lice without damaging the body, it is just a matter of wetting the hair, resting and later, cleaning the hair of any trace of lice and nits.Of course, you can seek information with a specialist about medical treatments that you can use with your child. The important thing is to be well informed to know how to detect the problem and face it, remember that when the children return to class, you must constantly check your child’s head to avoid “out of control”.


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