Tips? Thanks But, No Thanks.


When a baby comes home, it is common for many family members or friends to start giving us “advice” on how we should take care of the new member. And they surely do it with the best intentions of helping us. However, at times this can be overwhelming or confusing.

For this reason I would like to share with mothers who have been overwhelmed by these situations and who do not know how to react. Ideally, you should ignore unsolicited parenting advice.

We know that they are all with good intentions, but when we become mothers, the mental load becomes heavier and listening to that constant list of to-dos can be stressful and cause us insecurities. We may begin to wonder if we are doing it right or wrong. Of course, it does not mean that we are ungrateful, but simply these tips can be completely different from the parenting style that we may have. After all, each family is a world, and even more so each person.

Getting help in this new and exhausting experience comes handy and of course we are grateful to have it. But, it is not the same to ask for advice than to receive it just like that. What has worked for someone may not work for you. Or vice versa. Each one will give love as they see fit and feel. Remember to thank whenever you receive advice. And you could take what best suits you or serves you.

In the meantime, enjoy being a mother.



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