Two languages at the same time?

Two languages at the same time?

Is it a good idea to teach my child two languages at the same time?

Some couples are made up of people who speak different languages, for example, the mother speaks Italian or English and the father speaks Spanish. It is not wrong to teach the child to speak two languages at the same time, it will most likely take a little longer for the child to speak but this will make it easier for him to learn more languages in his future. Many parents don’t know if it’s a good idea to teach children two languages from an early age, as we mentioned before, it’s not a problem to do so. It will be up to the parents. One advice that specialists give is that if the parents speak different languages, each one can speak to their child with their own mother tongue, so the baby will gradually learn the nuances of each language. If parents notice a delay in their child’s speech, it is not because of some problem but rather that the baby is doing double work in learning and that is why it takes longer.

Remember that a new language will make it easier for the child to learn another one. In the event that the parents live in the country where either of them is from, the reinforcement of one language will be more than the other due to the coexistence that the child has at school or with friends. If one of the languages is not usually a common or more regular language, it is not a problem. Children have the ability to learn everything because their minds are clean, clean from laziness, and clean from video games or anything that may distract the child.

Parents are the ones who must make the decision, after all, children who grow up with two languages, in the future it will be much easier for them to learn not only another language but whatever they need to learn.


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