What benefits does my baby have, if I give him massages?

What benefits does my baby have, ifI give him massages?

What a wonderful moment when we finally have our baby in our arms, the wait was long but pleasant. Is it true that when we bring him home we do not stop seeing his little hands or his little face?

We are completely in love with our baby.
Being a mother is the best gift a woman can have in life and of course, we want the best for our baby. For that reason, here we tell you that there is something else you can do for your baby that greatly benefits him. Sure, you’ve already heard about infant massages. If not, I’ll explain it to you. Infant massage is a way that the mother has at her disposal to convey affection and tenderness to her baby. With this massage, the baby experiences a sensation of well-being, not only physical, but also emotional.

For the mother, massaging her baby not only allows her to create a closer bond with her baby, it provides her child with greater physical and emotional well-being, but it is also a way to get to know him better and to grasp his states of mind more quickly. cheer up. There is no precise moment to do these massages to your baby, actually that depends on you. When you best believe it is necessary, these massages do not harm the baby at all. They can be done after bathing, dressing, etc.

Now … How is it that a baby should be properly massaged without hurting or damaging it?

– Well, the important thing is to make rotating movements on your tummy that go in a clockwise direction and it is better to do it from above with the palm of your hand open without exerting much pressure.- You can lay the baby on the bed and put him on his back, with your hands you should flex his legs towards the inside. (as if it were a little frog)

– If a child is always left in the same positions, over time, it acquires too rigid postural habits. It is important that, without making sudden movements, you change positions to breastfeed, pamper and massage, as the development of symmetry will also benefit.

– Also the massage can be done on your hands, legs, back and in the palm of your hands. 

The time a massage should last will be decided by your baby, showing restlessness. It is important that while you are practicing the massage to your baby, you talk to him and give him affection so that he knows that it is an act of love and affection that you are giving him.


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