What does my baby’s cry mean?

What does my baby's cry mean?

Crying is the “first word” of a baby to say what he feels, what it can mean is that he is hungry, sleepy, in pain, etc. How to decipher it? There are certain aspects that can help you. It is extremely
important that parents learn to listen and understand their baby’s cry, even if it is a great challenge. But don’t worry, after a few months, you will know your baby well enough to know what he needs. Studies have been conducted that have established that babies make similar sounds to convey a certain need.

If their sounds sound like Chinese to you, don’t worry, as the experts have done the work of interpreting and translating the baby’s cries for you. It will not be easy at first, but by observing each cry and trying the different options that can calm them, you will learn to understand them better. The cries vary in intensity, volume and intermittence. The inconsolable crying of hunger will not stop until you receive what you ask for, after a few months, the baby will cry a little before the scheduled time to eat.

Crying that has to do with discomfort or pain is often accompanied by screaming that is sharp and sudden. Generally, the pains are due to the infant’s colic, so the baby’s belly and back should be massaged. Sometimes the baby cries because he is lonely. In his need for pampering, he wants you to take him in your arms and talk to him, that will calm him immediately.Your baby’s crying is due to multiple reasons, or simply because he got up on his left foot.Your baby’s crying is due to multiple reasons, or simply because he got up on his left foot. 

Different types of baby

1. cry Persistent crying often means that the baby is hungry.

2. Nervous crying, this indicates that he must be sleepy and can’t fall asleep.

3. Heartbroken crying can mean it’s hot or cold.

4. The high-pitched and continuous crying can tell you that you are uncomfortable, perhaps because of the diaper.

5. Intense crying is often related to pain, you may be feeling colic.

6. Crying that is accompanied by hiccups can mean that you are angry about something.

When should I be concerned?

If the baby’s crying is between feedings, you should watch carefully as it may mean something else in particular. It is normal for them to cry when they are feeding, that happens because they feel the need to burp or pass gas or simply because they were left hungry. However, if this happens too crowded and you can’t fix it, it could be for other reasons.

● Allergies
● Gastroesophageal reflux

It is recommended that the baby be taught to calm himself, you can contribute to this, either by singing or talking with the baby. These types of behaviors that help you calm down, indicate that you have developed internal resources that will help you forever. Take time to teach your baby to control their crying. Crying can also be due to the baby going through certain changes and needs more attention than before or more constant, it can also be due to changes in mood, etc. Pediatric experts explain that it is important for children to experience frustration, it is necessary for them to go through this phase so that they acquire the perception of what it means to calm down on their own and acquire skills for a lifetime.


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