What exercises help the baby to position itself in the birth canal

What exercises help the baby to position itself in the birth canal

All mothers find it worrisome when giving birth is approaching. And it is that imagining a little person leaving you is not something simple. As is well known, the delivery process begins in the eighth month of pregnancy and from this moment the baby begins to look for its position to leave on the expected day. The baby’s position must be “head-on”, that is, his head must be in the mother’s womb and looking towards the spine. In certain cases, the baby cannot settle in time and the obstetrician must resort to a cesarean section.

Although it seems that it is a matter of fate if the baby is able to accommodate or not, the truth is that the mother can do certain exercises so that this is achieved.

Here we leave you some ideas

  • Walking daily.
    At least half an hour a day.
  • Dance.
    This also helps the baby move and position himself in the birth canal.
  • Fitball ball.
    Sitting on a ball and bouncing also helps the baby.
  • Hip lift.
    Try not to get too upset and do it slowly so as not to hurt the baby and not hurt your back or hips.

If the baby does not position himself after having practiced the aforementioned exercises, it will already be a matter of the point of view of your obstetrician. As we mentioned before, there will be cases in which the baby does not settle into the birth canal and a cesarean section will have to be performed.

Hopefully everything “goes well” for you.



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