What happens to my baby if I lose amniotic fluid

What happens to my baby if I lose amniotic fluid

There are cases of pregnant women who, for some reason, lose amniotic fluid and are involved in a serious and delicate situation. The amniotic fluid is the one that surrounds and protects the baby inside the sac where it is. Its presence inside the bag is essential because it cushions the baby’s environment from possible trauma, prevents the umbilical cord from being compressed, also protects the baby from infections and keeps it at the temperature it should be. Another function of this liquid is that babies swallow it in the second trimester of pregnancy. The baby swallows it to be able to urinate later and so on.

The maximum volume reaches the 34th week of pregnancy, in this period of time the mother carries a liter of this liquid inside her belly. In certain cases, insufficient fluid is conserved and this is known as oligohydramnios and the consequences can be serious. It can happen because the woman does not have enough space in the uterus and cannot produce enough fluid or that there has been a rupture in the amniotic membranes (placenta), another factor that can influence is suffering from chronic blood pressure or some fetal abnormality.

The doctor will take on the task of keeping track and making decisions with you that are useful for you and to safeguard the life of the baby. For example, the intake of a lot of fluids, total rest and without efforts. If you notice that your baby is not moving as before, you should immediately notify your obstetrician. When the mother is in the last months of her pregnancy, induction of labor can be considered, but this is in certain cases and when it is most required.

It is a situation that should not be taken lightly and that should be discussed urgently with the gynecologist. Attention! If you notice any type of fluid that is not urine, see your doctor. Or also if you notice some kind of light bleeding, of course you should see your doctor. Remember that it is a situation that puts your baby’s life at risk. The advisable thing to avoid this type of situation is not to make a lot of heavy efforts at any stage of your pregnancy. Don’t spend a lot of time on your feet, drink plenty of fluids, and lift your feet slightly from time to time.

Enjoy your pregnancy.


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