What is the correct age to get pregnant?

What is the correct age to get pregnant?

Today, couples do not have the children they really want. It is common to hear a man or woman say that they would have liked to have 3 children but that they only have 2. And it is due to different factors such as space, economic situation or age. In studies carried out, it has been possible to decipher what is the age at which a woman should be a mother according to the number of children she wants to have.

1. Motherhood has been delayed for the last few years. In previous generations, moms used to have children before the age of 20. But now, children often reach 30 years or past that age. Researchers at the University of Rotterdam analyzed data on female fertility in 58,000 women. They calculated that those who want to have only one child should have it before the age of 32. Until that age, the chances of getting it are 90%. After age 35-40, the odds drop to 75%. And from 40 onwards, only 50% of women can achieve it.

2. If you think that one child is not enough for you, keep in mind that the second must arrive sometime after the first. The ideal time would be 18 months apart. If a woman wants to have two children, she should start at the age of 27. This way you will have a 90% chance of fulfilling your dream.

3. Although the cases are rare, there are couples who want to have 3 children. According to specialists, if a woman wants to have 3 children, she would have to have the first at 23 years of age. You hear it very soon, right? but do not forget that we are talking about percentages.

As the years go up, the percentage goes down. It is not until age 31 that the probability percentage drops to 75%. Which means that within 20 to 30 years of age, the chances are quite high.

Well, you can imagine if you think of 4 children.


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