What pregnancy tests are the most reliable?

What pregnancy tests are the most reliable?

Pregnancy test

Are you trying to get pregnant?

Pregnancy tests and blood tests are the most reliable there is to detect a pregnancy. The best thing is that it is at your fingertips and you can do it from your home.For the answer to be more reliable, certain things must be taken into account, for example, not going ahead to take the test.

You must wait at least the first day of absence of menstruation,

This is because pregnancy tests detect the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, which is secreted in large amounts early in pregnancy. This hormone is doubled when the embryo implants in the uterus and this happens when menstruation should drop. By then, the woman would already be at least 4 weeks pregnant, since the date of the last menstrual period is taken as a reference.

Therefore, if you want a more reliable result, wait until you have a slight delay in your menstruation. Pregnancy tests are done by wetting the sponge at one end with a little urine, then the lid is put on and you wait … the longest wait of your life. It’s a joke! just a few minutes. If the result is two lines, this means that you are indeed expecting a baby. If it doesn’t, it means that you should keep trying.

● ClearBlue Plus
● Interapothek
● Cinfa
● Lisubel
● Predictor Early
● Sensitest
● Rueda Farma
● Certain
● Sanitec

These pregnancy test brands are the most recommended by pharmacists, choose the one that convinces you the most.

We wish you good luck


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