What should I do after my child hits his head?

What should I do after my child hits his head?

Parents often panic when our child has hit his head. It is not for less. Even more so when it comes to a baby, since the fontanelles of the head still have to close. Therefore, here I bring you this information so that you know what to do in case your child hits his head.

How do you know if a blow to the head of a child can be serious?

Parents are usually more concerned about the bump that came out after the bump, but doctors pay more attention to the bump behind the bruise. And is that head trauma is one of the most frequent problems in consultations.

Depending on certain circumstances, the child should be taken to the doctor:

  • The age of the child.
  • From what height did the child fall?
  • How did the child behave after the blow?


In these cases, the child should be taken for an emergency review with the pediatrician. In any case, it is important to keep an eye on children’s bumps. If over the days we see that his behavior is altered, it is best to take him to a doctor. If it has been a minor blow but has left a bruise, we can treat it with a little ice or an anti-inflammatory ointment that can be applied in young children.

After a hit, try to reassure your child and let him know that everything will be fine. If the blow was not serious, a topical painkiller will suffice. Besides mom’s cuddles.


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