What things should you consider when buying your baby’s stroller?

What things should you consider when buying your baby's stroller?

Are you one of the moms who covers the baby’s stroller to protect it from the sun? Be careful, because you are putting your child’s life at risk.

We know that a baby’s skin is more delicate than that of an adult, and that we must protect it from direct sunlight. Most strollers have canopies that are especially for that, to protect them from the sun. They also have vents with a velcro system that provide shade but also allow air flow. Placing a blanket over the stroller creates a greenhouse-like environment that is high risk for the baby.

In a study conducted in Sweden, two trolleys were used in the sun. One of them covered with a blanket and the other uncovered. The stroller that was uncovered reached 22 ° after an hour and a half. On the other hand, the stroller that was covered with the blanket warmed up much faster. After half an hour the cart had reached a temperature of 34 ° and after the hour 37 °. That is, 15 degrees more after an hour than the other stroller. Babies have a weaker physiological balance than that of an adult. They are more prone to heat stroke and dehydration. A risk that we must avoid at all costs, especially on very hot days.

The recommendation is not to go out with the baby if possible at times when the sun is strongest. Always try to walk in the shade, use umbrellas and put clothes on the baby that protect him from the sun’s rays. If you are allowed, sunscreen. Another thing to take into account is that when buying your baby’s stroller, consider that it has what is necessary. The hood that covers it from the sun, that is comfortable and that has access to air or air flow.



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