When children start to feel fear

When children start to feel fear

Fear is a very common emotion in children and adults. We can perceive it when we feel threatened by something, or if we have to make a very big decision, it is normal that we feel a little fear.

But… What are the phrases that a child says when he is afraid?

  • Mama, don’t leave me alone.
  • Mom, can you leave the light on?
  • What if a monster appears under my bed?

Young children do not yet have the cognitive and emotional development to know what is possible and what is not. For them, anything is possible. What they perceive from their environment will make them think if they are in danger or not, but there are times when they can be confused. For this reason, children need their super protective parents to clarify when things are real and when they are not, so children will learn to measure the real danger and the one that is not real.

When a child feels afraid it is because something has already scared him before, to this, parents must pay absolute attention because we do not know if the children have gone through something that is really a dangerous situation that the parents are unaware of. As the child grows, two things can happen. Fears become more elaborate or end up disappearing. This is due to the child’s ability to control the emotions within him.

What should parents do in these situations?

  • Listen to the children.
  • Respect your fears and the time when you overcome them.
  • Help them think and make sense of their fears.
  • Teach the differences.

This stage in children usually passes after 4 or 5 years. And parents must be very present when this stage develops in children.


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