Why do children stop eating?

Why do children stop eating?

You may wonder why children stop eating well as they grow older.

I think all parents ask the same question. Children eat in relation to their size. For this reason, in the process of becoming adults, sooner or later, they begin to eat less. The reason for this change is due to the decrease in growth speed. During the first year, babies gain weight and grow faster than at any other time in their extrauterine life.

During the second year, growth is much slower. According to the calculations of the experts, children of one and a half years eat a little more than those of nine months, and parents who are not informed of this fact, think that if a child with one year of age, being two years old, must eat twice as much. And it is not like that.

Children begin to eat well again around the age of five to seven, when their body size increases. However, the amount of food that each person needs varies, some children eat more than others even if they are the same age. For this reason, it is important to respect the natural wisdom of children. The child eats out of necessity, not out of obligation.


That is why we leave you 5 tips to educate your children’s diet

  1. Create a pleasant environment

  2. Change their perception of the amount of food.

  3. Teach him to eat as a family.

  4. Avoid complacency.

  5. Offer you only what you need.

Forcing a child to eat more than he needs can cause emotional trauma regarding mealtime. It is advisable to listen to them, and respect their tastes.

In addition, this will cause problems every time the child has to sit at the table to eat. They shouldn’t be held back when they don’t finish what’s on their plate because it can stimulate an eating disorder.

It is worth consulting a specialist doctor for a better evaluation, if there are doubts, or if the child does not really want to eat anything.


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