Why does a child want attention constantly?

Why does a child want attention constantly?

Many children may behave as if everyone should be around them and be there for them. Your 8-year-old may pretend in any way and try to be the center of attention. Or have your teenager make a drama about everything and pay for his frustrations every time he has any problem, no matter how small. When does it become a real problem? The fact that children attract attention is something very normal in their behavior.

Complications come when there are problems in the child on an emotional level. Children who need constant adult supervision, because their parents have not well reinforced independent behavior or positive behaviors.

Parents may focus more attention on the bad things that their children do, and for that reason, they believe that it is necessary to misbehave to get the attention of the parents. Why is positive attention important? Ultimately, from birth, children need experiences and relationships that show them that they are valuable human beings and capable of doing valuable things for others. Adult reactions and responses are key to helping children build a valuable picture of how important they are.

Look at your son and smile. Show interest in what he is doing, and even ask him to talk to you. You pay attention to him and listen carefully when he talks to you. Take the time to be with him or her. And praised the new skills he or she learns.

Attention is a basic need that everyone needs. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing for a child to seek attention all the time, it is often interpreted as negative. When in reality they are looking for love, support and care. More hugs, empathy and affection is what is recommended in the relationship between parents and children.


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