Why is my child wetting the bed?

Why is my child wetting the bed?

It is normal that when children begin to go to the bathroom and leave the diaper some accidents happen, there will be times when children, out of fear, do not notify parents of the need to go to the bathroom and end up doing it in their clothes or bed. When does this become a problem?When the behavior manifests itself with a frequency of 2 times a week for a period of 3 consecutive months. The age at which it is considered a problem is 5 years for girls and 6 years for boys.

Most children achieve daytime control between the ages of 2 and 3; the nocturnal can take much longer: one in ten does not achieve it before 6 years of age. From this age on, if the child continues to urinate on the bed, medical guidance should be sought. Enuresis can have a number of causes that can be related to a sleeping disorder, with a slower development of bladder control, the result of emotions or tensions that require special attention. It rarely means a problem with the kidneys or bladder.

Possible causes of lack of urine control

  1. Excessive fluid intake at night, before sleeping.

  2. The child has not yet learned to link the filling of the bladder with the need to urinate.

  3. Hereditary causes.

  4. Altered sleep rhythms

  5. Emotional causes.

  6. Physical illnesses.

Enuresis can be related to some psychological conflict or emotional stress in children. Overprotection or lack of affection in the family environment is also the cause of poor urine control. Of course, parents should know and take into account that children do not do this on purpose and that it should not be aggressively called attention, since it can be a psychological problem. That is why medical attention should be sought.


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