Why reading is so important for children

Why reading is so important for children?

On April 2, the International Book Day was celebrated in some places, with the aim of raising awareness of the love for books from an early age. Teaching this habit to our children from a young age will stimulate their imagination, vocabulary and communication.

In addition, our children will also learn to express their feelings in a better way and not be afraid to do so. Reading helps children think clearly and improve their attention span. In addition, repetition accelerates the acquisition of new words, the level of emotional well-being increases when books are read because this way they empathize with the social relationships that the story is showing them.

Here are some ideas for books that you can share with your little ones.

  • “Shooting Star” by Ursula Wolfel.

  • “The bears of the air” by Arnold Lobel.

  • “I think, therefore I am” by Taro Iwamura.

Among these and others, you can enjoy a good read with your little one.


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