Yoga during pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy, is itm recommended or not?

Yoga is an exercise / discipline that originates from India and helps to harmonize the body and mind. Pregnancy is the period of time that involves physical, hormonal, metabolic and emotional changes in a woman’s life. Yoga practice during pregnancy is very beneficial for these reasons:

  • Improves breathing technique.
  • Maintains flexibility and improves muscle tone.
  • It allows us to know the organs involved in labor.
  • Manage anxiety and stress. 

If you are pregnant and are interested in practicing yoga, I recommend that before doing so, you consult with your obstetrician. If you suffer from blood pressure or some other serious complication, yoga may not be right for you. But if you practice yoga before pregnancy, it is very likely that you can continue doing it during. Of course, in a way that doesn’t put your baby at risk. There is a type of yoga for pregnant women, which is called prenatal yoga and consists of certain postures that are ideal for pregnant women. They are more pleasant postures and movements that do not require as much effort, in addition to that the breathing is smoother.

Avoid completely the following postures:

  • Inverted
  • postures Postures that force the abdominal muscles
  • Postures that make breathing difficult
  • Postures that use only one foot
  • Back postures

As we mentioned before, try to consult first with the doctor who is monitoring your pregnancy about whether it is It is appropriate for you to practice these new movements.



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